A cost-effective method to increase training fidelity and capabilities

SimiGon offers its Modular Training Device (MTD) to customers seeking a cost effective method to enhance SIMbox-based simulation training fidelity and other capabilities.

The modular system integrates the SIMbox simulation content module with COTS hardware such as touch screen monitors, modified HOTAS sticks and throttles and a multi-channel Field Of View to significantly enhance training fidelity.

MTD Benefits
As a cost effective, proven training solution, implementing the MTD for your advanced training needs provides numerous benefits, including:

• Network centric training
• Network with other SIMbox stations and 3rd party sims for red force-blue force exercises
• Multi-purpose configuration
  - Use for multiple platforms
  - Use as debriefing station
• Can be delivered rapidly
• Modular system
• Open architecture for rapid software updates
• Low maintenance costs
• Small hardware footprint

MTD hardware

The MTD consists of the SIMbox software content module integrated with the following COTS hardware:

• Display mounts
- OTW displays mount unit
- Cockpit displays mount unit
• Computer mounting box
• Speakers mounting boxes
• HOTAS hand rests
• Pedals
• Trainee Seat
• Side panels and covers

Illustration and Snapshots