F-16 TRAINING device

SimiGon’s F-16 training devices support multiple variants to provide flight training units (FTU) all of the necessary system resources to conduct operator conversion training, system qualification and performance tracking and management. The system serves as a platform solution for FTU pilot training and system qualification training to provide self-learning, pre- and post-mission planning, briefing and debriefing.

  • Reconfigurable training devices from Extended Reality (XR), laptop/desktop through high fidelity trainers

  • Training for multiple variants: Blocks 15/30/MLU/50-52+

  • Advanced, interactive training for F-16 aircrew featuring high fidelity simulation and courseware

  • Training for Instruments, Basic Flight Maneuvers (BFM), Air Combat Maneuvers (ACM), Air to Air and Air to Ground weapons systems

  • Includes weather, threats and Emergency Procedures

  • Easily adapted for country specific configuration and operations

  • Delivers Self-Paced training with a personalized real-time Virtual Instructor (VI) feedback

  • High fidelity flight model

  • Digital score sheets to manage trainee and instructor performance

  • Integrated simulation with LMS, LCMS & TMS

  • Track pilots performance in a centralized solution

  • Supports Common Database (CDB) environment

  • Advanced Playback/After Action Review (AAR) capabilities

  • Proven track record with the USAF and other air forces worldwide

  • Cost-effective, affordable price and available NOW!