The SimiGon® SIMbox™ technology platform is successfully leveraged in a multitude of domains including Training, Debriefing, In-Flight Entertainment and Homeland Security.

SimiGon's all-in-one solutions and advanced, patent-pending technologies provide PC-based training for highly skilled disciplines and professional communities.

SIMbox™ core technologies include high-fidelity 3D simulation, Knowledge Management, content building tools, high-resolution 2D and 3D graphic environments and full-fledged record/playback After Action Review debriefing capabilities.

The immediate benefits gained through the deployment of SimiGon systems by organizations and individual end users are vast: significantly reduced training time required to bring users up to speed as they methodically study relevant material, perform tests, and simulation train with a Live Instructor, a Virtual Instructor, and within "free-play" training sessions. This proven training methodology ensures complete task readiness once trainees reach the actual work environment.

In addition, SIMbox provides user-friendly development environments, bringing the creation of simulation worlds from the programmers to the instructors. Between the application’s LMS and the developing instructor’s manipulations of scenarios and entity-automation, there is continuous and simultaneous connectivity between the LMS and the simulation tools. Default features of simulations include: full individual and group tracking and analysis capabilities; automatic content distribution to the relevant parties; internal communication tools; and much more.

Through the SimiGon Partnership Program (SPP), organizations adopt the SIMbox technology platform to offer the most advanced PC-based training solutions available while saving considerable development time and money.