Artificial Intelligence
Virtual instructor

Our VI delivers tens of thousands of training hours for aircrew and maintainers.
SimiGon’s VI technologies deliver personalized, adaptive training for the most advanced military aircraft.
SimiGon’s advanced training technologies include embedded Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to support Intelligent Tutoring / Virtual Instructor (VI). 

  • Empowers courseware developers and Subject Matter Experts (SME) with an easy-to-use, rapid scenario creation capability

  • AI / VI-led scenarios empowers trainees with interactive lessons in a crawl, walk, run training methodology that truly transfers knowledge and ensures sustainable success

  • Captures trainee performance throughout the training session

  • Generates a post-mission report of the trainee responses, stored on the native or third party Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Correcting trainee mistakes and remediation training

  • Ability to measure multiple conditions and users simultaneously

  • Lessons and mission profiles are published through the LMS to students to support any of their specific course syllabus objectives

  • Real-time instruction for self-paced experiential learning, automatic feedback of performance without human intervention, and captures user inputs in the simulation

  • Real time guidance of trainees to perform required tasks

  • VI creation tool to rapidly modify and perfect objectives tracking

  • Performance factors that are measured by SCORM objectives, displayed in a variety of customizable reports