Partnership Program


Build for new domains and gain acclaim as a leading provider of advanced training

How to become a partner

Whether you want to use SimiGon technologies and tools, get assistance with go-to-market sales, or join the SIMbox Partnership Program (SPP), becoming a SimiGon partner is easy. Here's how to get started:

  • Register as a SimiGon partner

  • Expand your skills in SIMbox training and simulation technologies

  • Build simulation and training solutions or create a consulting space

  • Publish your training content or solution in SimiGon’s Marketplace (coming soon)

  • Join the SIMbox Partnership Program

Join the SIMbox Partnership Program

Successful SIMbox partners are expert technologists, consultants, and business leaders who are skilled with simulation technologies, courseware development and specific subject matter. They design, develop, and deploy solutions that help customers accelerate their training transformation using advanced simulation based training technologies.

Who should apply?

Companies that already have deep expertise in simulation and training and have implemented at least one customer proof of concept, pilot, or deployment should apply to the SIMbox Partnership Program. This includes partners that:

  • Design, develop, and deploy solutions that help customers accelerate training using simulation technologies.

  • Have documented the quantitative business impact (ROI, topline results, cost savings, efficiency gains, productivity improvements, etc.) as well as qualitative results of simulation based training deployments.

  • Create innovative commercial solutions across both SIMbox and third-party platforms.