Dedicated to total quality management, SimiGon has defined and implemented an all-encompassing quality assurance system.

SimiGon's strict commitment to the guidelines and standards set by this policy serves the distinct goal of providing clients with the highest level of quality in all products and services.

ISO 9001:2015
iso 9001

An integral part of SimiGon's quality management system, ISO 9001:2015 certification of core operations processes further ensures our continued ability to guarantee maximum quality and constant improvement.

ISO 9001:2015

Aware of the importance of high quality, SimiGon management declares that:

  • SimiGon ensures the highest level of quality and continuous improvement in all activities, products and services provided by SimiGon, through precise quality management processes.

  • To achieve the highest level of quality, SimiGon defined a quality management system. The main guidelines of SimiGon’s quality management system are:

  1. High quality products require a comprehensive planning of the development.

  2. Self-Examination - The quality management system lists reviews and inspections of SimiGon products and SimiGon development procedures to maintain a high level of quality.

  3. Quality Failure Management - SimiGon believes that a problem found is an asset. The quality management system defines a way of analyzing problems to prevent them from happening again, and to improve the testing system to ensure that if problems exist, they are discovered.

  4. Highly Qualified Personnel - SimiGon believes that only highly qualified personnel can produce top-level products of maximum quality. The quality management system specifies that SimiGon carefully chooses its employees, implement training activities and monitors their performance.

  5. Maximum Flexibility - The quality management system is designed for minimum bureaucracy and maximum flexibility to allow maximum freedom in SimiGon’s employees' daily work, while maintaining high quality standards.

  6. Personnel Awareness - Quality management functions effectively only if personnel are aware of its importance. SimiGon ensures that all personnel know and understand the quality management system’s requirements.

  7. Customer’s Requirements - For satisfying customer’s requirements, a clear definition of all customer’s requirements and expectations have to be defined and surveyed.

  8. Customer Service – SimiGon shall ensure customer service satisfaction through high quality products and services.

  • SimiGon management is fully committed to the quality management system and will provide all necessary means and all needed personnel for its implementation.

  • SimiGon management will monitor and review the implementation of the quality management system to ensure that high quality standards are maintained

  • SimiGon abides by all legal requirements and professional standards relating to its activities.

  • SimiGon Quality Management System fully complies with and is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for design, development, training and support of SW system in the field of training, communication and simulation. 

Picho - VP Research and Development

Richard Clem - Senior Vice President and General Manager

Ary Nussbaum – VP Business Development