D-Brief PC is an advanced offline/real-time debriefing application successfully augmenting squadron-debriefing rooms worldwide, greatly enhancing mission performance. Mission video/audio/data is exploited, enabling the PC-based D-Brief PC to reenact the air scenario using high fidelity 3D graphics, allowing pilots and weapons officers to quickly identify and correct mistakes. Crucial flight information is also displayed, maximizing feedback attainment.

Utilizing plug and play technology, D-Brief PC is an extremely user-friendly debriefing tool, offering offline and real-time viewing, boundless viewpoints, flight video-audio-data synchronization linked to a single timeline, and advanced ACMI capabilities based on high resolution terrain. The unparalleled multitude of debriefing features offered by D-Brief PC are available as part of AirBook, or as a stand-alone product.

D-Brief PC advantages:

  • PC-based and easily deployable

  • Improved tactical situational awareness

  • Cockpit operations playback

  • Pilot’s view monitoring and playback of Head Mounted Display

  • Cost effective

  • Digital and Analog Video/Audio/Data playback

  • Learn from your mistakes and improve performance

  • Learning Management System (LMS) enabling users to promptly find relevant information

  • Embedded ‘What If’ capabilities