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SimiGon, a subsidiary of Maxify Solutions Inc., is a leader in providing advanced simulation and training technologies to the United States Government, friendly nations, and leading defense and aerospace integrators.

For more than twenty years, SimiGon has been delivering innovative solutions for the simulation and training industry, ensuring our customers are ready for any mission, anytime, anywhere in the World.

Focused on developing tools and technologies to reduce the development time required for high fidelity simulation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Virtual Instructors to accelerate training, SimiGon’s solutions and training methods ensure military and civilian end users quickly and accurately acquire skills essential to their mission.

SimiGon virtual training solutions are used by military aircrew for fighter, transport, trainer, and rotary aircraft. SimiGon’s Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT) solutions are used by aircraft maintainers and technicians. Using advanced software and Commercial Off Shelf (COTS) hardware such as Extended Reality (XR) headsets SimiGon’s embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) teach operators the relevant knowledge, procedural muscle memory, hand-eye coordination, and tactical awareness so they can progress from training devices to live weapons systems and succeed on their first attempt.

SimiGon harnesses the data captured in its simulations to provide advanced data analytics and easy-to-use Reports with performance data and objectives.

Our simulation capabilities, within a modular, user-friendly Training Management System (TMS), offer a cost-effective, easily deployable application.

SimiGon products are used in large-scale Mission Training Centers, Flying Training Squadrons, Innovation Labs, International Pilot Training Schools, and Technician courses schools in USAF’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Air Mobility Command (AMC), Air Combat Command (ACC); Special Operations Command (AFSOC); the United States Marine Corps and US allies across the globe.