SimiGon, a subsidiary of Maxify Solutions Inc., is a leader in providing advanced simulation and training technologies to the United States Armed Forces and friendly nations.

SimiGon’s solutions and training methods are focused on ensuring military personnel quickly and accurately acquire the essential skills to perform their mission.

SimiGon virtual training solutions are used by military aircrew and maintenance technicians for a wide range of weapon system training and civilian domains.

The Embedded Virtual Instructor (VI) utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to teach operators the relevant knowledge, procedural muscle memory, hand-eye coordination, and tactical awareness so they can progress from training devices to live weapons systems and succeed on their first attempt.

The Training Management System (TMS) utilizes an Extended Reality (XR)-ready 3D virtual training environment, SimiGon’s cost-effective solutions have a small footprint with a wide breadth of technologies: a robust toolset used to create AI-based Intelligent Tutors; performance data and objectives tracking and reporting for advanced student analytics; and stand-alone and networked, Instructor-led training.

SimiGon products are currently used by USAF’s Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Air Mobility Command (AMC), Air Combat Command (ACC); Special Operations Command (AFSOC); Marine Corps MQ-9 Operators and Marine Corps Recruiting Command; in addition to users in the Oil & gas industry. SimiGon solutions are also used by numerous friendly allied nations as well as top tier defense and aerospace contractors. SimiGon’s flexible software can be customized and leveraged to support virtually any training need.