ATC Training Systems

• Advanced training for entire ATC operations environment
• Delivers Self-Paced training with a personalized real-time Virtual Instructor (VI) feedback
• Supports voice recognition with toolkit to extend ATC vocabulary
• Realistic pseudo pilots support
• Fully scalable across the hardware spectrum
• Lessons guided by Intelligent Tutor
• Supports continental US airports including global world terrain
• Cost-effective, affordable price and available NOW!

SIMbox Powered

• Integrated SCORM 2004 LMS, LCMS & TMS
• Track pilots performance in a centralized solution
• Integrated Intelligent tutor for personal & immediate feedback
• Supports Distributed Mission Operation including radio/intercom functionalities
• Advanced Playback/After Action Review (AAR) capabilities
• Supports persistent world solution
• Open architecture, Extensible, Modular, Flexible, easily integrates to existing solutions
• Standardized: Supports IEEE, SCORM 2004, HLA & Open Flight
• SIMbox Toolkit to support in-house or third party adaptations

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