KnowBook is a comprehensive, cost effective training solution enabling aircrew and organizations to remain in step with the rapidly changing demands of the military and civilian training world. An all-in-one solution, KnowBook encompasses all types of simulation, Knowledge Management, mission rehearsal, After Action Review (AAR), and time management.

High-Fidelity 3D Simulation

KnowBook's high-fidelity 3D simulation bridges the gap between classroom training and the cockpit. Included in the simulation package are hi-resolution terrain, a Virtual Instructor, and full briefing and debriefing capabilities. Used for all training aspects - initial training, recurrent training and operational training, a KnowBook training session prior to a sortie ensures mission success.

Additional simulation features are:

Dynamic shapes in the simulation for faster learning.

User ability to define scenario special effects including weather, wind, time of day.

Simulation Instructor Station (SIS) enables flight instructor’s direct control over student stations as well interactive guidance.

Ability to create and modify simulation components

Virtual Instructor

As a personal tutor, the Virtual Instructor (VI) is a key KnowBook component to decrease training time and increase Operational Readiness.

The VI is a major component of the Training Center, providing pilots with complete or partial guidance, set according to user parameters. Used for instruction in avionics, weapons, weather and emergencies, with the VI, aircrew is assured of experienced advice and will be prepared for critical, high pressure situations. After flying with the VI, user self-confidence is bolstered by knowing exactly how to act, react, and execute accordingly.

Distributed Mission Training

The advent of network-centric warfare and C4I has made today's training needs more complex than ever. The solution for multi-ship training, joint forces training, and data-link training is KnowBook's Distributed Mission Training (DMT). Enabling multi-user training from remote locations, this KnowBook feature has become a mainstay in many training programs.