SimiGon’s management team has successfully guided the company through various market and technological challenges. Our carefully selected, highly motivated workforce is focused on realizing the company's potential as a leading supplier of high skills training solutions.

Amos (Ami) Vizer

Executive Chairman, President and CEO

Before founding SimiGon, Amos Vizer, was the Marketing and Business Development Manager of ISYS Operational Management Systems, an international IT company as well as the founder of Logi-Cali, a software developer. Amos Vizer also worked for the Missiles division of the RAFAEL Corporation and held a managerial position at Israel's Defense Ministry. Additionally, Amos Vizer served ten years in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) as an F-4 Phantom Fighter navigator, a flight school course commander and a Popeye missile weapons officer. Amos Vizer's education includes a BA in Business Administration and extensive training in advanced software development.  

Efraim Manea


Mr. Manea joined the Company as its finance controller in June 2008, managing its financial aspects including financial reporting, corporation accounting and tax preparation, budget and forecasting and risk management. He has more than fifteen years of accounting and management experience and before joining SimiGon served for approximately four years as an Audit Team Manager at Ernst & Young's High-Technology sector. Efraim Manea is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BA in Accounting and Business Administration from the College for Management in Israel.


Jack Sarnicki

President and Chief Operating Officer

Jack Sarnicki has 25 years of experience in the United States Air Force ("USAFR") where he held both operational and technical engineering positions, ending his military career as Chief Evaluation Engineer at the USAF's Simulation & Analysis Facility. Mr. Sarnicki is also an accomplished command pilot having flown five different USAF aircraft types during his military career. In his civilian career, Mr. Sarnicki has held multiple senior level sales and management positions for various aerospace and defense businesses. Before coming to SimiGon, Mr. Sarnicki held the position of Chief Operating Officer of VT-Miltope, where he was responsible for the daily management and operation of a $70 million ruggedized computer manufacturer selling directly to the U.S. government and commercial aerospace companies. Jack Sarnicki’s education includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Masters of Business and the issuance of three mechanical patents.

Alon Shavitt

EVP, Business Development

Before joining SimiGon, Alon Shavit, served 15 years in the Israeli Air Force, having flown F-16s for the past 12 years. He was an instructor in the Operational Training Unit (OTU) on A-4s for two years and a commander of the F-16 OTU for 18 months. Alon Shavit's last role in the Israeli Air Force was managing the planning, coordination, synchronization, and monitoring of the training program. Alon Shavit has an MBA and Bachelor degrees in Economics and Psychology.

Koby Ben Yakar

VP, Programs

Koby Ben Yakar has a distinguished record as an experienced manager with extensive technical skills and knowledge. Koby Ben Yakar has led a wide range of projects with cross-functional teams, including serving as SimiGon’s VP Products, an Information Technology team leader and overseeing the architecture, design and development of the SIMbox LCMS Server infrastructure. Koby Ben Yakar has over 15 years of experience in large training and simulation technologies enterprise projects with a proven ability to manage business and technical relationships for large-scale projects. Koby Ben Yakar has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Business Management. 


VP, Product Development

Picho joined the company as a software developer for the LMS team in 2006 and since then carried out various roles such as team lead and Director of R&D. Picho has an extensive experience with large scale project architecture and deep knowledge with SIMbox-based solutions and internals. Picho has over 15 years of experience with software development using various technologies and methodologies, and holds a bachelor degree in computer science.

Ary Nussbaum

VP Business Development

Mr. Nussbaum has served in multiple roles with the Company since joining in 2001 and was most recently Director, Business Development. He has built Government and Commercial business through partnerships and direct customer sales in complex business environments. His winning track record spearheading strategic programs in the US, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe, including SimiGon’s largest single award program, is part of Mr. Nussbaum’s skillset. He leads the Company’s business development and sales efforts to capture existing and vertical markets in Government and Commercial training sectors in the US, Canada and Latin America. Mr. Nussbaum is an FAA certified pilot with an MBA from Bar Ilan University and a BA from William Paterson University.

Merav Nahmani

Director of Human Resources

Ms. Nahmani joined SimiGon in November 2005 and has been managing SimiGon’s HR Department since July 2009. Ms. Nahmani has more than ten years of experience in financial aspects including payroll controlling, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow and tax reporting. Before joining SimiGon, Ms. Nahmani served as a bookkeeping & salary controller in several High-Technology companies. Ms. Nahmani has a Bookkeeping & Salary controller diploma.