SimiGon’s F-16 Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) is a learning and training Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution designed to save F-16 end users time and money in the near term, medium term and long term. The F-16 VMT provides realistic, full spectrum maintenance training for avionics, armament, engines, fuel, hydraulics, flight controls, and Environmental Control System (ECS) related tasks.

  • High fidelity, interactive F-16 technician maintenance training

  • Advanced F-16 avionics delivering in-cockpit maintenance training

  • Fully deployable for use in the hangar, flight line and classroom

  • Self-Paced F-16 tech training with a personalized real-time Virtual Instructor

  • Fully scalable across the hardware spectrum and Virtual Reality capabilities

  • Rapid schoolhouse / electronic classroom set-up with client/server configuration

  • Cost-effective, affordable and available

  • Advanced malfunctions and troubleshooting capabilities

  • Integrated SCORM 2004 LMS, LCMS & TMS

  • Advanced Playback/After Action Review (AAR) capabilities

  • Open architecture, extensible, modular, flexible, easily integrates with existing training manuals

  • SIMbox Toolkit for in-house life cycle support and/or third party adaptations

  • Track user performance within a centralized solution

  • Integrated Intelligent Tutor for personal & immediate feedback

  • Supports Distributed Mission Operation including radio/intercom functionalities