XR-ready high fidelity F-15 simulation to improve aircrew muscle memory.
A seamless blend of physical and virtual worlds, SimiGon’s fully interactive virtual cockpit interfaces with replica physical flight controls.

  • Advanced, interactive training for F-15 Pilot and Weapons Systems Officer (WSO)


  • High fidelity physics (flight and weapons models) and visual effects 

  • High resolution virtual cockpit and terrain

  • Computer generated entities within a synthetic environment

  • Embedded with data analytics

  • Real time student flight tracking 

  • Multi-ship, multi-role networked training simulation environment

  • Integration of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) into virtual environment 

  • Robust Playback/Refly in XR

  • Agile, scalable design for multiple hardware configurations


  • Makes flight time more effective with a portable training device

  • Fully scalable across the hardware spectrum, headset agnostic