SIMbox Runtime – the Delivery Environment
SimBox Runtime

SIMbox Runtime provides hi-fidelity distributed simulations placing the user in a virtual or constructive environment, as real as it gets, with numerous viewpoints. SIMbox simulation is a proven solution in military and civilian environments, being used for various applications such as training professional communities (pilots, maintainers, commanders, systems operators, etc.), entertainment, mission debriefing (including real-time monitoring and After Action Review), and homeland security applications.

SIMbox open architecture enables seamless integration to existing solutions. Whether HLA federation is your ultimate goal or the capability to run the same simulation across the hardware spectrum (web-browser, PDA, desktop trainer, WST, PTT, Full simulator), or even connect to real-time environments such as ARINC, or 1553 BUS – SIMbox is your solution.

Ship, Tank, Aircraft

SIMbox Training applications integrate the simulation with a SCORM 2004 certified LMS, turning a simulation environment into a learning environment. SIMbox is a unique solution enabling you to dynamically update the training syllabus based on personal background, knowledge and skills. Instructed lessons can be delivered by a Virtual Instructor or a human instructor using a networked instructor station

Debrief Page

SIMbox provides feedback to users employing various methods. SIMbox generates a hi-fidelity playback file of every simulation session. This playback file can be used in the entertainment world for distribution as a reminder of your experience, or, in the training environment, as a powerful tool to learn from your mistakes. 

The integration with the knowledge management component in the server enables you to generate detailed reports of parameters, actions, mistakes, progress charts, and more. These reports then serve individuals and organizations in achieving continuous improvement.