Training military aircrew is crucial for a nation's defense but an increasingly costly endeavor. KnowBook™ balances this by providing high technology, cost-effective training to maximize defense budgets.

Recurrent Training

For seasoned aircrew returning for reserve duty or from extended leave, KnowBook™ represents the fastest way to “catch up” and return to form. Aircrew can easily find and review operation manuals, briefings and older flights as well and train as needed, at no extra cost to the organization. Utilizing KnowBook™, organizations, reduce the need for expensive full-size simulators and real flights.

Mission Debriefing

KnowBook's debriefing environment enables pilots, WSO and other operators to review a high-fidelity 3D playback of their training missions from unlimited view points. Using the same debriefing suite, the user may debrief real flights, simulated flights from external sources, and KnowBook single ship or multi user training sessions. The invaluable debriefing capability is enhanced by SimiGon’s unique “What-If” capability enabling the user to return to the moment of error and explore different lines of operation until the correct action is determined.

Initial Training

As the most efficient training tool for progressing from the classroom to the jet, via the system's Training Center, air cadets study basic flight principles and quickly progress to taxiing/takeoff/landing procedures and instrument training. Cadets learning and training with KnowBook™ learn faster and adjust more quickly and naturally to their highly demanding roles. Suitable for all aircrew types and operators, (fighter/cargo/helicopter/UAV), KnowBook™ reduces training time and costs.

Operational Training/Mission Rehearsal

Instead of visualizing the mission, using the easily deployable KnowBook™, aircrew can actually “do” the mission before taking off. Simply enter the mission parameters in the easy-to-use mission builder, and fly over the realistic, high resolution terrain, evade enemy CGF, knock out your target and return home for a successful mission. After mission rehearsing with KnowBook™ you are ready to execute!

Using SimiGon’s Terrain-Viewer, pilots and WSO can learn their targets, waypoints and other areas of interest in a 3D high-fidelity environment, significantly increasing the chances of a successful mission.