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  • Hi-fidelity, distributed simulation
    Learning Management System (LMS) with e-learning, tracking, reports, debrief
  • Virtual Instructor (VI)
  • Real-time control of environment
  • Central repository for all components with configuration management
  • AI development for Computer Generated Forces (CGF) and Virtual Instructor (VI)
  • Anywhere, anytime availability
  • Track progress, remedial training, evaluate
  • Takes training to a higher level/Mission planning & Mission rehearsal
  • Real-time personalized guidance (VI) to trainees
  • Instructors can easily alter training for multiple trainees
  • Empowers Subject Matter Expert (SME) - No programming skills needed for most of the tools
  • Customize the interface to your own needs - Partners can also change the product name


  • Hardware independent
  • Reusable objects and components
  • 4th generation development tools
  • COTS Product
  • Use the same product to provide solutions ranging from CBT learning to Full Mission Simulator training
  • Single product generates savings in contracting process, development, and acceptance
  • Enhanced productivity by reusing simulation and learning content
  • Individual or team level applications without additional expense
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance and support costs


  • Object Oriented Architecture (OOA) & Component Based Architecture (CBA)
  • .NET framework, Visual Studio 2005, Web 2.0
  • SQL Server 2005, SQL Analysis services
  • DirectX 10, OpenGL 2.0, GPU Algorithms, Quad core optimization, Shader 4.0
  • Latest State-of-Art technologies in a single product
  • Easy to add/modify entities
  • Can be used alone, linked w/other users, integrated w/Part Task Trainer (PTT), Full Mission Simulator (FMS), etc.
  • Modular and open architecture