The SimiGon Partnership Program (SPP) enables partnering organizations to independently develop content using the SIMbox Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

A mutually advantageous business relationship, SPP members can apply SimiGon’s advanced technologies to develop their own application or integrate it into their previously existing solutions.

Organizations join the SPP by sending software engineers to SimiGon's SIMbox Certified Individuals (SIMCIs) technology courses in simulation programming, courseware design, motion models, terrain and 3D art. After completing these courses, the SIMbox Certified Organization (SIMCO) interfaces its knowledge with SIMbox advanced technologies to provide end users with a leading simulation solution.

Blue chip defense and aerospace organizations and training companies adopt SIMbox technology to provide customers with a cost-effective application while reducing its own development time and costs. End users join the SPP for direct control over content, gain improved readiness levels and considerable budget savings.

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Learn more about the SPP:

SIMCO Courses - SIMbox Certified Organizations undergo SimiGon technology training courses.

IDE - Integrated Development Environment greatly reduces development time and costs.

High ROI - Faster product time to market bolstering your bottom line.

SIMCO Courses
SIMCO Courses are designed to maximize developer abilities inside SIMbox open architecture simulation for running existing models, modifying them, or creating new ones.
SIMCO Developer Courses are comprised of:

• Simulation Programming - A how-to guide in developing SIMbox simulation entities and logic behaviors.
• Motion - A how-to guide in developing air, land and sea motion models.
• ISD Training Material - Teaches Subject Matter Experts how to create training and simulation courseware and adeptly use the AI Agent Editor to create Virtual Instructor Brains.
• Terrain - Terrain production from various data sources such as aerial photos and/or satellite views, maps and scan maps, and G.I.S maps and direct plug-in to SIMbox simulation.
• Art - Model building and texturing and special effects creation for SIMbox simulation.

Integrated Development Environment
The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides simulation developers with an open architectural simulation to be used for running existing models, modifying them, or creating new ones. IDE users can focus exclusively on desired models, and use existing components as the simulation environment. For example, one would be able to develop a specific weapon system simulation component, and use prefab components to simulate the entire aircraft avionics system and simulated threats.

High ROI
The high yield from joining the SPP is present through constant access to SimiGon innovation and ensuing sales.
Ensuring close business and technological ties, SIMCOs are assured high profit margins by offering SimiGon’s advanced technologies. Forging a reciprocal alliance demonstrates a serious commitment to excellence and a strategic long-term growth plan by participating concerns.
SIMCOs bring end users the high technology simulation platform needed to achieve their target goals.