SIMbox Toolkit – the Development Environment

SIMbox toolkit is an easy-to-use development suite, empowering non-programmers to create, reuse, and control simulation-based applications.

The ability to build and modify simulation content: building new systems or changing existing ones; creating libraries of reusable objects, such as communication systems, engines, weapon systems, motion models, navigation systems; using these systems to build new simulation entities and platforms, such as planes, ships, tanks, control rooms, control towers, cars; embedding entities and behaviors into realistic scenarios.


The ability to add, modify, and influence your entire simulated world: adding simulation capabilities, such as collision detection, physics, CGF, environment; interfacing with industry standards and hardware, such as HLA, 1553 BUS, ARINC, as well as steering wheels, sticks and throttles, PTT, FMS; and monitoring and analyzing the simulation world with debriefing and reporting.

The ability to build content for training, teaching, and knowledge transfer: building SCORM 2004 certified simulation-based training courseware; incorporating Virtual Instructors to offer real-time guidance to trainees and for trainee monitoring and tracking; rapidly import legacy content into the central repository; designing and developing learning units and courses that integrate simulation, theory, and practical tests.


The ability to customize the application: changing the look & feel and user interface to suit the target audience by tailoring the specific application to the locale and characteristics of each client.