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SimiGon to supply USAF with VR technical simulators

SimiGon to provide Virtual Reality simulation based training for USAF De-icing technicians

SimiGon (LSE: SIM), a global leader in modelling, simulation and training solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of another United States Air Force (USAF) customer and has been contracted to deliver its Commercial Off the Shelf SIMbox Virtual Reality Aircraft De-icing Simulator (the “Contract”).

As part of the Contract, SimiGon will deliver several SIMbox Virtual Reality Aircraft De-icing Simulator comprised of SimiGon’s baseline SIMbox software, SIMbox aircraft deicing simulation module and relevant hardware to the respective USAF maintenance squadron. The fully immersive VR environment coupled with the deicing simulation module provides the USAF deicer technicians with advanced training, including scoring, Playback/After Action Review, feedback reports, as well as multi-player training.

The Contract value is $0.08 million and SimiGon expects to complete its delivery in 2020. The expected revenue from this Contract was already factored into the management’s expectations for fiscal year 2020.

Aircraft de-icing is a high skills task requiring annual training by military and commercial personnel working in cold weather environment. Ice adds significant weight to aircraft and having “clean aircraft” is critical to safe travel. Operators are required to undergo periodic training to ensure proper flight operations, as mistakes can result in significant aircraft damage and flight cancellations.

SimiGon President and CEO, Ami Vizer, said: "This Contract award demonstrates the Company’s growing ability to reuse training content for new and existing customers to provide cost effective personal training systems. The Company’s vision to utilize SIMbox technology in multiple domains includes aircraft deicer technicians. We look forward to delivering the VR Aircraft De-icing Simulator to support USAF technician training and will continue our push into aircraft technician training solutions for the military and civilian aviation markets.”

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SimiGon (AIM: SIM) is a leading developer and supplier of distributed simulation solutions for defenceand civilian applications. SimiGon is the creator of SIMbox, a leading PC-based platform for creating, managing and deploying simulation-based content across multiple domains. Through its off the-shelf training solutions for demanding high-skill occupations, SimiGon provides diverse organizations with faster and more cost-effective training. SimiGon’s growing client base includes blue-chip training and simulation systems providers as well as air forces and commercial airlines worldwide. Founded in 1998, SimiGon maintains offices in Israel and the United States.