30 Nov 2020 - SimiGon, Ltd. (LSE: SIM), a global leader in modeling, simulation & training solutions, is pleased to announce that its independently operated US subsidiary, SimiGon Inc., successfully completed its deliveries on a United States Air Force ("USAF") contract to provide SIMbox-based F-15E Extended Reality (XR) training devices for USAF Air Combat Command (ACC), first announced in Sept 2019.

The devices are to be used as part of the USAF initiative to improve overall combat aircrew training and increase the efficiency of actual flight hours.

Innovations include a Virtual Reality (VR) environment which seamlessly blends both physical and virtual worlds to allow pilots and weapons system officers (WSO) to see their hands interact with the physical equipment within the virtual world. The integration of Electronic Flight Bags and kneeboards with the simulation software allows pilots and WSO’s to view and interact with navigation information in their headsets as well as train together in multi-user and multi-ship scenarios.

This delivery of twelve (12) SIMbox-based F-15E XR simulation stations is an important milestone in the Company’s growing XR business portfolio which blends Virtual, Mixed and Augmented technologies. SimiGon Inc. President, Jack Sarnicki, said: "This was a collaborative effort between the USAF Air Combat Command (ACC) and SimiGon Inc. to meet the very high expectations of the F15E training community. We have made great progress in bringing affordable mixed and extended reality to the U.S. war fighter. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the F-15E community and ACC.”