SimiGon Limited has been selected to provide the technological infrastructure for the Tactical Aviation Training course of Canada’s Air Force, extending a successful relationship between the two parties.

SimiGon’s AirBook technology is planned to be at the heart of Winged Warrior 2007, the Canadian Air Force’s next major virtual training exercise, which will take place in October, although deployment of the systems is expected to take place in August.

The specifications for Winged Warrior demonstrates the sophistication and flexibility of SimiGon’s AirBook, an aviation training software product based on the Company’s core product, SIMbox, a highly flexible, PC-based commercial off-the-shelf product providing government and industry partners with enabling technologies for developing flexible training solutions.

The Winged Warrior exercise will involve 30 pilots employing 24 linked AirBook systems, two of which will be used for exercise management. The rest can be configured in a wide variety of ways, including the use of several different aircraft, or many trainees operating different stations in one vehicle. Following the exercise the systems will be deployed back to squadrons for individual and tactical training.

This is part SimiGon’s contract with the Canadian Air Force, which involved limited deployments, aimed at individual familiarization with aircraft and personal training, followed by exercise support.

SimiGon President and CEO, Ami Vizer said: "We are delighted that the Canadian Air Force has extended its relationship with SimiGon and that its previous experience of our technology has given it the confidence to engage in a much more sophisticated deployment of AirBook."

Major Jean-Francois Martel, in charge of training for 1 Wing in the Canadian Forces, said: “Two years ago we identified SimiGon’s AirBook as the only solution on the market that fully aligned with our training vision. AirBook’s modularity and SimiGon’s past performance made them the obvious choice for Winged Warrior 2007, which is our largest and most important virtual exercise this year.”

SimiGon is a fast-growing company with vast experience in providing Modelling, Simulation & Training solutions to customers worldwide. The Company’s partners include government and industry leading training and simulation organisations as well as small businesses providing end users with added value content packages based on SIMbox technologies.