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Transfer of shares held in trust by a director

The Company announces that A. Vizer Holdings Ltd. (the "Trustee"), an associate of Amos Vizer, a director and the chief executive officer of the Company, has today transferred for nil consideration the legal title to 937,500 ordinary shares in the Company (the "Transfer Shares") which it held as nominee (as described in the admission document of the Company dated 27 October 2006 (the "Admission Document")) to the beneficial owners of those shares. The Transfer Shares represent approximately 2.5 per cent. of the entire issued share capital of the Company and did not represent any part of Amos Vizer's beneficial interests in the share capital of the Company.

The Transfer Shares will be subject to the same lock-in arrangements which applied to the Trustee ("Lock-in"), as described in the Admission Document. The Lock-in period is for the twelve months following 2 November 2006, being the date of admission of the Company's entire issued share capital to the AIM market.